“The best tour we have ever been on…”

Matt, it was a joy to join your tour!!! We all said it was the best tour we have ever been on...not canned, not sopoforic, and your knowledge and stories were amazing!!! Kudos to you for following your passion of Civil War history ... it truly shows in your tour and gets us excited about it too! Thanks for a very entertaining afternoon.

Susan S.

“One of the absolute best historical tours I have ever taken…”

I will have to say that The Battle of Atlanta Tour was one of the absolute best historical tours I have ever taken. You gave a great, animated presentation full of interesting facts and with insights and fresh perspectives that brought the battle to life. You are passionate about your subject matter and it shows. There was never a dull moment in the 4 hour tour! I would recommend your tours to anyone without reservation.

Jim N.
Decatur, GA

“An Amazing Experience…”

Matt Spaulding’s pub tour of the Civil War Battle of Atlanta was an amazing experience.  The Tour was as educational as it was fun.  With a group of fifteen Captains in the United States Army, Mr. Spaulding took us on a very detailed tour of the battle’s key sites, including Command Headquarters locations and sites where major players in the Battle of Atlanta had died.  His knowledge of each of the events was obvious in his confidence and clear and concise presentation.

The stops we made turned the tour’s atmosphere from educational to exciting and entertaining while keeping the entire group engaged in the conversation.  Mr. Spaulding kept the presentation visual, interactive, and fascinating for the entire tour; no one in the group was bored and by the time it was over, the whole group wanted more.

To describe the experience of Matt Spaulding’s tour in such a short review does not do it the justice that it deserves.  As the coordinator of my group’s trip, Mr. Spaulding has made me successful with no effort from myself other than calling him. 

I am recommending this trip to everyone in the Fort Benning Maneuver Captain’s Career Course and anyone who is a fan of American Civil War History and loves to have fun.

Captain James M Maikranz
U.S. Army
Maneuver Captain's Career Course
Fort Benning, GA


“A wonderful way to spend an afternoon!”

"Whether you're a history buff or just a daily commuter in/around Atlanta, you'll enjoy Matt Spaulding's urban Battle of Atlanta pub tour. Matt provides the overview of the Battle of Atlanta while you sip something cold and refreshing in some interesting spots. The bus ride is fun; the stops are fascinating. A wonderful way to spend an afternoon!"

Susie D. 

“An Outstanding Host…”

"We really did get more out of this tour than we expected. I have told my peers all about it.  You were an outstanding host. If you ever need anything from the Army, just let me know.  Thanks again!

Major Dave Lombardo
U.S. Army, Fort Benning, GA

“A highly interactive experience…”

I highly recommend the Battle of Atlanta Pub Tour.  It was a terrific way to spend 4 hours of my Saturday, and the investment was well worth it!

The tour was filled with interesting insight into the events leading up to and during the Battle of Atlanta, as well as its central characters.  I was impressed with the extent of Matt Spaulding's historical knowledge.  However, it was his ability to weave these details into an intriguing story that helped make the tour so enjoyable. 

The Battle of Atlanta Pub Tour wasn't simply a one sided presentation, as many other historical tours I've taken were.   Instead it was an interactive experience that gave participants an opportunity to debate one another (and the guide) over the military strategies of the victors and the vanquished.  Not that I had much room for argument- two of my  fellow tour participants were West Point grads, now Army captains!

Matt Spaulding did an exceptional job of timing the tour, too.  Four hours may seem like a long time to some, but the time really flew by.  I attribute that to the balance of time spent exploring the neighborhoods that now occupy the battleground, and convening over a frosty beverage to play Monday morning quarterback. 

The Battle of Atlanta Pub Tour is a terrific alternative to a typical day spent in the big city.  You'll walk away feeling smarter (maybe that's thanks to the frosty beverages), and with a newfound appreciation of the events that took place right in the backyards of those of us who live in Atlanta.   Like me, you'll probably be tempted to take the tour a second time!

Matt G.

“We had a great time…”

We had a great time. Thank you very much for the education and hospitality. I never really stopped to think about the civil war, but when I saw the listing in Access Atlanta it got me thinking. Having lived here for 10 years and not really doing any real historical tours is sad. But we plan on doing more so we can continue to learn more about the area and its history. Please keep us posted on new tours or other adventures you plan in the future.

Thanks again,

Bill & Linda

 “An excellent way to explain leadership successes and failures…”

"The Battle of Atlanta Pub Tour provided a creative and fun explanation to The Sherman Campaign, Battle of Atlanta, and the mix of personalities involved in the conflict. Not only did the tour provide a great explanation of the historical context, but it also proved to be an excellent way to explain various vignettes of leadership successes and failures. Not to mention, the lively pub stops along the way gave an interesting life to the tour and Atlanta's history."

Nicholas L.
West Point Graduate


"A fantastic tour..."

"The Battle of Atlanta Pub tour was a fantastic tour with just the right amount of fun and history.  Matt was very knowledgeable and his enthusiasm and stories  made the tour very interesting. The driving  tour took us right to many of the main sites of the Battle of Altanta, a feat very difficult to do on your own in the very urban setting. I really learned a lot and it was great fun! Highly recommend!!"

Peg G.


"Matt does a great job..."

"If you know little or nothing about the battle it is a great way to grasp its complexity and breadth. If you already have an interest, actually seeing the landscape and locations of pivotal parts of the battle will only enhance your understanding. Matt does a great job giving an overview of the events leading up to July 22, 1864 and will draw out information from participants that make things more clear."

Mark J.