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Our 90-minute tour travels along some of the same roads and routes that existed during 1863 while pausing at historic markers and monuments that commemorate this historic battle. Along the way, we will also discuss the strategies of both sides and get to know the key figures that shaped the struggle.

Starting Point:  Riverfront

Located within yards of where Chattanooga was founded as Ross’ Landing, we begin our tour by talking about the strategic importance of Chattanooga during the Civil War.  We will also discuss the affects of the Battle of Chickaumuga, which preceded the Battle of Chattanooga in September.  Finally, we will discuss U.S. Grant’s strategy for feeding his besieged men trapped within the city.

First Stop:  Orchard Knob

After traveling by historic sites and markers, such as the founding of Chattanooga, the Union Depot and “Headquarters Row,” we will pause at Orchard Knob.  It was from this site that U.S. Grant directed the Battle of Chattanooga and observed his Union men storming Missionary Ridge.

Second Stop:  Missionary Ridge

As we travel to Missionary Ridge, we will discuss the Confederate’s ill-fated military dispositions in front of and on top of Missionary Ridge.  We will also discuss the Confederate’s dysfunctional high command and their intended goals for destroying the Union army.

Third Stop:  National Cemetery

After reviewing the city from Missionary Ridge, we will make our way back to our starting point pausing at National Cemetery, which was founded by Union General George Thomas following the Battle of Chattanooga.  During our transit we will discuss the results of the battle and its impact on the war’s ultimate outcome.