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Fought on July 22, 1864, the Battle of Atlanta was a key Civil War victory for the Union and sealed the fate of the Confederacy. 2014 marks the 150th anniversary of this bloody battle which pitted Union General William T. Sherman against 33-year-old Gen. John B. Hood.

Our pub tour travels along some of the same routes that existed during 1864 while pausing at historic markers and monuments that commemorate this historic battle. Along the way, we will also discuss the strategies of both sides and get to know the key figures that shaped the struggle. 

Starting Point:  Downtown Atlanta

Located within blocks of where Atlanta was founded and the scene of the first civilian casualty of the Battle of Atlanta, we start here to discuss Atlanta’s history and its importance during the Civil War.  On our way east to our second stop in Decatur, we will follow the path of the old Decatur Road which was used by both Union and Confederate troops during the battle.  We will pause at the “DeGress Battery” historic marker and the “Troup Hurt House” historic marker, both of which tell the tale of intense fighting late in the afternoon of July 22, 1864.

Second Stop:  Historic Downtown Decatur

The historic and charming town of Decatur was an important location for Union troops in their attempt to destroy the Confederate Army.  After discussing both side’s strategic objectives for the battle, we will depart Decatur and travel the approximate route of Union forces as they marched west and southwest toward Atlanta’s old city boundaries.  We will see where the Battle of Atlanta began by complete surprise as three Union brigades ran headlong into six Confederate brigades under the command of Gen. William J. Hardee.   We will see historic markers noting key moments of the battle and pause at monuments marking the death of Confederate Gen. W.H.T. Walker and Union Gen. James B. McPherson.

Third Stop:  Historic Oakland Cemetery

Atlanta’s first cemetery is also the location where Confederate Gen. John B. Hood watched the Battle of Atlanta unfold into a devastating loss for the rebels.  At this stop we will discuss the results of the battle and the affect it had on the outcome of the war.   Traveling from Oakland Cemetery back to our starting point in downtown Atlanta, we will see the route of the Confederate troop’s night march and the grounds of the old City Hall, today’s state capitol building.


“It was a joy to join your tour!!! We all said it was the best tour we’ve ever been on!” - Sue S. Cincinnatti, Ohio