About Us

Urban Battle Tours are designed to be fun, educational and engaging. Our tours aim to showcase the rich history of each city and the neighborhoods that make them so unique. Each city’s history is fascinating, and we hope our tours can tell at least one chapter of that story. From a broader perspective, we also strive to show how important it is to study history, and how it can be made accessible and relevant to anyone. Just as important, our tours aim to honor the soldiers and citizens who participated on the fields of great American battles, many of which are now paved over by urban development and oftentimes lost to history.

Our urban battle tours offer participants a chance to learn about the important events that shaped our country’s history. The tours also provide multiple opportunities for learning about leadership, decision making, team work, communication, planning, execution, and much more. So, whether you are a resident or visitor, a history buff or novice, a teacher, a business person, an educator, a student or a retiree, we hope you’ll join us on an upcoming tour in one of these great American cities.


Urban Battle Tours is a strategic partner to the preeminent experiential leadership training and development firm, Battlefield Leadership.  Battlefield-based programs provide a rich and effective format to discuss leadership skills that can be applied to today’s business world.   

Event Planners/Group Tours

Our battle tours can be a highly memorable experience for any group event.  Whether for a corporate function, a family reunion or a casual get-together with a group of friends, Urban Battle Tours can customize a tour around your group’s needs.


Urban Battle Tours can be an effective way for educators to teach students about local history and the Civil War. Whether you are an educator of middle, high school or college students, we can develop a tour customized around your specific curriculum needs and time constraints.

Wounded Warriors Project

Urban Battle Tours supports the Wounded Warriors Project by donating a portion of our proceeds to this important organization.